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Tin Filling and Sealing Machine

Designed to combine the functions of conventional powder filling machines and open top can sealers, our tin filling and sealing machine is a versatile milk powder packaging machine which is dedicated for packing milk powder with tins. It is able to complete tin sorting, sterilization, powder weighing and filling, vacuumizing, nitrogen filling and tin sealing automatically.

Composition of Tin Filling and Sealing Machine

I. Disk Tin Sorting Machine
The disk tin sorting machine of our tinned milk powder filling production line is used for sorting the empty tins and feeding the tins in single row.

II. General Control Cabinet
The control cabinet of the tin filling and sealing machine is used to control the electrical system of the whole machine unit.

III. Empty Tin Purging and Sterilizing System
This system can purge the empty tin and sterilize it through ultraviolet radiation.

IV. Double Helix Weighing and Filling System
1. The double helix weighing and filling system adopts the Japanese Yamato weighing technology.
2. The filling mechanism is equipped with an empty tin lifting device and a vibrating compaction device.
3. Automatic dust removal mechanism, powder weighing mechanism and tin adding mechanism are configured to our tin filling and sealing machine.
4. The weighing and filling system can be connected to a computer or printing equipment.

V. Fully Automatic Vacuum Nitrogen-Filled Tin Sealing Machine
1. The vacuum tin sealing machine consists of a fully automatic vacuumizing and nitrogen filling mechanism, automatic cap feeding mechanism and two sealing units.
2. The oxygen residue is less than 1.5%.
3. The negative pressure inside the tin is allowed to be set.

VI. Automatic Tin Turning Mechanism
This turning mechanism of our canned milk powder packaging machine can turn the tin 180° without using any power.

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