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Aseptic Bag Filling Machine

The aseptic bag filling machine we offer is suitable for aseptic filling of liquid and semi-viscous concentrated product made from tomato, onion, pepper, strawberry, blackberry, carrot, peach, apricot, etc.

Composition and Technical Characteristics of Aseptic Bag Filling Machine
1. The whole sterile bag filling equipment is composed of the control system, filling head, bag mouth fixing clamp, cap opening pliers, cap covering pliers, inspection window, lifting platform, etc.
2. Based on filling capacity, this aseptic sauce filling machine can be classified into the single filling head type and the double filling heads type.
3. The filling chamber keeps a temperature of 95℃ to make sure there is no bacterial invasion in the filling process, thereby guaranteeing the quality and safety of the filled products.
4. Imported flowmeter and electronic weighing sensor are used to control the filling weight. When reaching to the preset filling volume, the aseptic bag filling machine will seal the cap automatically and the lifting platform will rotate to get ready to hold the next bucket of filling material.
5. During filling, the lifting platform of our bagged liquid filling equipment is able to ascend and descend automatically instead of the filling head. Therefore, secondary pollution caused by the movement of filling head will be avoided.
6. The whole machine is controlled by a PLC system and the operating parameters can be set directly through the touch screen.
7. The filling head of our aseptic bag filling machine is equipped with the following configurations: automatic electronic weighing system, label printer used to print the labels pasted on the bag or bucket, sterilization system for the filling head and its associated pipes, cleaning automatic control program which independently connects with the CIP device, self diagnosis system, etc.
8. The sterilization temperature security control system adopts OP and PLC.
9. Components of the control system are Siemens products.

Parameters of Aseptic Bag Filling Machine
Production capacity: 3t/h
Filling volume :3-220L
Total power: 7.5kW
Steam consumption: 200kg/h
Overall dimension (mm): 200×1800×2800mm
Power supply: Five-wire three-phase, 380V, 50Hz

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