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Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling Machine

Our automatic gable top carton filling machine controlled by single-line single-body gear box is specially designed for shaping, filling and sealing gable top cartons. It can be used to fill various kinds of liquid foods, such as milk, yoghourt, fresh cream, juice, etc. Combined with other optional devices, this paper box filling and sealing machine is also suitable for filling high-viscosity, granular or solid foods and other products.

The CAP-PAC capping machine can be installed to this automatic gable top carton filling machine to weld plastic caps onto the preserved opening of the gable carton by ultrasonic wave.

Features of Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling Machine
1. Equipped with a PLC control system, this automatic gable top carton filling machine can be easily operated by only one operator.
2. Compact structure makes this automatic carton packing equipment space saving.
3. It is of low noise and low energy consumption.
4. With a fine regulating device, our automatic gable top carton filling machine has high filling accuracy.
5. The production speed, filling volume, carton height can be adjusted according to practical need. It takes little time to change the cartons of different sizes for being filled.
6. This gable top paper box packaging equipment adopts standard parts and localized substitutes.
7. Our product conforms to the U.S. Grade 3A Standard. Its maintenance cost is low.
8. Considerate after-sales service and sufficient spare parts supply are available.

Composition of Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling Machine
1. Stainless steel housing
2. Mechanical driving system, automatic loading and unloading system
3. Touch-screen PLC controller
4. Electric eye identification device
5. Automatic detection switch detect carton shortage and filling material shortage
6. Polyethylester shield, electronic self-locking door switch
7. Stainless steel cylinder and liquid level pneumatic valve control system
8. Standard filling sprayer and filling fine regulator
9. Top and bottom heater
10. Water-cooling molding bar and sealing clamp
11. Electronic speed regulator for regulating speed from standard speed to zero
12. Foam removing motor and vacuum generator

Optional Device for Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling Machine
1. Automatic lubrication system
2. HEPA air filter
3. Power supply system (other than the above)
4. CAP-PAC capping machine
5. Independent CIP cleaning water feeding system
6. Product conveying device
7. Auxiliary filling system (Different filling sprayers and auxiliary parts are available for different products, such as those lubricating oil or edible oil that are viscous or contains granular or fibrous substances.)

Technical Parameter
Model WDB-1000 WDB-2000 WDB-3000
Production capacity 250 or 500mL carton: 1000pcs/h
1000mL carton: 500pcs/h
250 or 500mLcarton: 2000pcs/h
1000mL carton: 1000pcs/h
250 or 500mL carton: 3000pcs/h
1000mL carton: 1500pcs/h
Air consumption 85psi/7bar,
Cooling water 50℉/10℃, 2.0gpm/7.6 50℉/10℃, 2.0gpm/7.6 50℉/10℃, 2.0gpm/7.6
Power consumption 12.5kW 14.5kW 18.5kW
Control mode Semi-auto electrical control Semi-auto PLC control Fully-auto PLC control
Machine dimension 3500×1500×2800mm 3500×1500×2800mm 3500×1500×2800mm
Machine weight 2440kg 2450kg 2460kg
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