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Fully-Automatic Cup Forming,Filling andSealing Machine

1. Our DGD series fully-automatic cup forming, filling and sealing machine is suitable for packaging yogurt, milk beverage, seasoning, etc. It is a single piece of equipment integrating all functions of independent cup forming machine, cup filling machine, and cup sealing machine.
2. This cup packaging machine comes with the functions of automatic plastic cup loading and filling, lid placing, cup sealing, date printing, covering and finished product transportation.
3. Our cup filling machine adopts components which are world-famous top brand products. It can also be configured with optional systems such as 100-class laminar flow protection system fruit particle dynamic mixture system, high-temperature filling mechanism, mobile code printing device, etc.
4. Our fully-automatic cup forming, filling and sealing machine is the first choice for high-efficiency and energy-saving food production.

Technical Parameters of Fully-Automatic Cup Forming,Filling andSealing Machine
Model DGD-600F DGD-300F DGD-200F DGD-100F
Output 20000 c/h (150mL) 10000 c/h (150mL) 6600 c/h (150mL) 3000 c/h (150mL)
Operation mode Linear stepper Rotary Stepper
Preformed cup type Plastic cup, paper cup
Lid type Precut lid, rolling film
Total power 18kW 9kW 7kW 4.5kW
Operating power 10kW 5kW 4kW 2.2kW
Working air pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
Air consumption 1.5m3/min 1.1m3/min 0.9m3/min 0.5m3/min
Overall dimension 9300×3750×4000 4200×3000×2880 4200×2900× 2880 2900×2100×2750
Weight (Approx.) 6t 3.2t 2.6t 1.8t
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