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Plastic Bottle Filling and Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

1. Our plastic bottle filling and aluminum foil sealing machine is designed on the basis of advanced bottling equipment technology introduced from foreign country. It integrates the functions of bottle filling machine, aluminum foil cap forming machine, and bottle sealing machine.
2. This bottle filling and sealing equipment is able to remove foam and achieve accurate filling volume setting. Its finished product ratio is high.
3. The double-slope cap punching technology increases the utilization ratio of the aluminum foil film to help save raw material.
4. Integration of mechanical and electrical technologies makes our plastic bottle filling and capping machine work more stably.
5. This plastic bottle filling and sealing machine can be widely used for food and pharmaceutical packaging. It is especially ideal equipment for improving the package of plastic bottled milk.

Technical Parameter of Plastic Bottle Filling and Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine
Model LBF-12 LBF-16 LBF-24
Filling quantity 12 16 24
Production capacity (B/min) 5000 6000 10000
Bottle height (mm) 120-170
Bottle diameter (mm) 50-65
Filling capability (mL) 220-500
Filling volume 500 ± 1.5
Power (kW) 2.7 3.3 8.2
Machine dimension (mm) 6000×1200×1800 6200×1300×1900 5000×1800×2200
Machine weight (kg) 2000 2000 1600
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