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3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine

As its name indicates, the 3-in-1 bottle washing, filling and capping machine is a drink packaging machine integrating the functions of bottle washing machines, liquid filling machines and bottle capping machines in one. With a production capacity of 3000-36000 bottles per hour, our 3-in-1 bottle washing, filling and capping machine is mainly suitable for the production of all kinds of bottled gas-free beverages like mineral water, pure water, fruit juice, wine, etc.

Features of the Bottling Equipment
1. Adopting gravity liquid level setting filling technology, our bottle filling machine has high filling speed. Stable liquid level control system avoids liquid leakage.
2. Spring clamping arms are used for bottle washing and the empty bottle is able to turn 180° with the rail automatically. Our 3-in-1 bottle washing, fillingand capping machine can wash both the inside and outside of the bottle in a high efficiency.
3. Magnetic torque cap screwing device with stepless adjustable screwing torque is used for grasping and screwing the cap. This 3-in-1 bottle capping machine can screw the cap onto the bottle tightly with constant torch causing no damage to the cap.
4. When there are not enough caps in the cap hopper, the horizontally rotary pneumatic cap managing device will send a signal and add caps to the cap hopper automatically. This device will not damage the cap surface while it is working.

Technical Parameters of 3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine
Model QGF14-12-5 QGF18-18-6 QGF24-24-8 QGF32-32-10 QGF40-40-12
Production capacity
(600mL) (b/h)
4000 8000 12000 15000 18000
Filling precision >± 5mm (Liquid level)
Polyester bottle size (mm) Bottle diameter: Φ50-Φ100; Heigh:150-320
Suitable cap shape Plastic screw cap
Water pressure for bottle washing (Mpa) 0.18
Water consumption for bottle washing (Mpa) 800 1600 2500 3500 4500
Spraying position 5 5 6 12 20
Dripping position 3 3 3.5 7 14
Gas source pressure (Mpa) 4
Gas consumption (m3/min) - 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6
Power (kW) 4.23 5.03 6.57 8.07 5.6
Machine weight (kg) 2500 3000 4000 5000 6000
Machine dimension (mm) 2300×1550
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