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Beverage Filling and Packaging Equipment

    1. Aseptic Brick Carton Filling MachineCarton shaping, material filling and carton sealing are all completed in the aseptic room with positive pressure condition, to ensure both the packaging carton and the packaged beverage are free from pathogenic organisms. The packaged beverage which is processed with UHT sterilization will have a shelf life as long as 1 year at room temperature.
    1. Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling MachineIt can be used to fill various kinds of liquid foods, such as milk, yoghourt, fresh cream, juice, etc. Combined with other optional devices, this paper box filling and sealing machine is also suitable for filling high-viscosity, granular or solid foods and other products.
    1. Semi-Auto Gable Top Carton Filling MachineThis semi-auto carton packaging equipment is of convenient operation and easy maintenance since it can be operated by only one person. Needing little investment, our drink packing machine helps save your production cost.
    1. Aseptic Pouch Packing MachineThe man-machine interface, PLC system, photoelectric control system, pneumatic system, lubrication system, aseptic processing room, servo system and valves of our sterile pouch packing equipment are all from world-famous companies.
    1. Fully Automatic Liquid Packing MachineThis liquid packaging machine is able to fulfill pouch making, filling, sealing, date printing, quantity counting, date printing and ultraviolet sterilization automatically at one time.
    1. Fully-Automatic Cup Forming, Filling and Sealing MachineOur cup filling machine adopts components which are world-famous top brand products. It can also be configured with optional systems such as 100-class laminar flow protection system fruit particle dynamic mixture system, high-temperature filling mechanism, mobile code printing device, etc.
    1. Automatic Cup Filling and Sealing MachineThis cup packaging machine can automatically complete the working procedures of cup loading, quantitative filling, lid covering, secondary cup sealing, cup lifting, pushing and conveying, etc.
    1. 3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping MachineMagnetic torque cap screwing device with stepless adjustable screwing torque is used for grasping and screwing the cap. This 3-in-1 bottle capping machine can screw the cap onto the bottle tightly with constant torch causing no damage to the cap.
    1. Beverage Can Filling and Sealing MachineAdopting advanced electrical control and pneumatic control technologies, this soft drink packaging machine has high filling efficiency and accuracy. This beverage can filling and sealing machine features minimized liquid loss during filling.
    1. Tin Filling and Sealing MachineIt is able to complete tin sorting, sterilization, powder weighing and filling, vacuumizing, nitrogen filling and tin sealing automatically.
    1. Aseptic Bag Filling MachineImported flowmeter and electronic weighing sensor are used to control the filling weight. When reaching to the preset filling volume, the aseptic bag filling machine will seal the cap automatically and the lifting platform will rotate to get ready to hold the next bucket of filling material.

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