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Outdoor Milk Tank

Description of Outdoor Milk Tank
Tank body material: SUS304-2B stainless steel; Internal container δ=mm; External housing δ=2mm
Tank body type: Vertical cylindrical body; The tank body has a tapered top with taper angle of 15º and inclined bottom with taper angle of 5º. There is a base under this milk storage tank.
Heat insulation material: Polyurethane foam with thickness of 100mm is used for the whole outdoor milk tank.
Tank body size: Depending on volume. There is a insulation layer on the lower 1/3 part of the tank
Tank volume: 15000L-150000L

Accessories of outdoor milk storage container
1. One side manhole on the tank bottom
2. One safe ventilating cover with water pipe for connecting the water pan
3. One double-T type CIP spray nozzle on the tank top
4. One thermometer, with temperature display range of 0℃-100℃
5. One aseptic sampling valve
6. One horizontal blender (4kW, 960r/min, ABB motor)
7. Two material inlets and outlets with diameter of 63.5mm
8. One high, medium and low liquid level alarm device
9. One pressure sensor (E+H)
10. One Φ38mm medium inlet and oneΦ38mm medium outlet
11. One base
12. One tank body connected to indoor milk warehouse
13. One stainless steel ladder with guard rail at the tank top

1. If you have special requirements on the milk silo, we can make customized products according to your requirements.
2. Type, rotating speed and motor of the blender can be customized according to customers' needs.

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