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Stainless Steel Tanks

    1. Milk Weighing TankA movable filter sieve is installed on the milk feeding device to filter the milk so as to guarantee the milk does not contain impurities.
      Our milk weighting tank is usually used together with the milk receiver and can help increase milk collection efficiency.
    1. Milk Receiver TankThis milk collection container is usually used in combination with the milk weighing equipment. The milk outlet of our milk receiver tank can be adjusted to fit your whole processing equipment layout.
    1. Stainless Steel Milk BucketAs small collection equipment, our stainless steel barrel can also be applied in pharmaceutical industry and other occasions due to its flexibility and lightness.
    1. Milk Transfer TankBoth the inside and outside of our liquid food transport tank is made of SUS304-2B stainless steel.
      The interlayer of the tank adopts heat insulated structure and polyurethane foaming technology.
    1. Milk Cooling TankThis vertical cooling milk storage tank adopts advanced technologies and components such as microcomputer control technology, imported polyurethane foaming technology, imported air compressor, safety protection system, honeycomb plate evaporator, etc.
    1. Single-Layer Storage TankOur single-layer storage tank is usually used as water storage tank, raw milk storage tank, processed milk storage tank, mixing tank (no heating), temporary storage tank, etc.
    1. Insulated TankThis insulated tank we offer usually serves as a bacteria cultivating tank to make zymogens used in yoghurt production.
    1. Culture TankOur culture tank is usually used to cultivate bacteria, such as zymogens which are used for yoghourt production.
    1. Mixing TankOur mixing tank is appropriate for mixing and blending all kinds of materials in dairy industry.
    1. Fermentation TankThis fermentation equipment adopts internal recycling mode and makes use of a blending paddle to disperse and break the bubbles. Therefore, it can achieve high speed oxygen dissolution and good mixing effect.
    1. Outdoor Milk TankTank body type: Vertical cylindrical body; The tank body has a tapered top with taper angle of 15º and inclined bottom with taper angle of 5º. There is a base under this milk storage tank.

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