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Double Effect Concentrator

Our double effect concentrator is suitable for the concentration of Chinese medicine, Western medicine, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, dairy, chemical liquid, etc. This double effect concentrating system is especially appropriate for the low-temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive substance such as milk.

1. Elaborately designed by our professional designers, this double effect concentrator helps shorten the heating time and lower the evaporation temperature of the processed products.
2. This concentrating equipment can fulfill sterilization and concentration continuously, having little influence on the color, flavor and nutrients of the concentrated products.

Technical Parameters of Double Effect Concentrator
Rated water evaporation capacity: 1t/h
First effect evaporation temperature: 80~90℃
First effect vacuum degree: 0.02~0.04Mpa
Second effect evaporation temperature: 55~70℃
First effect vacuum degree: 0.05~0.06Mpa

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