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Cream Separator

The cream separator produced by our company is essential equipment for making single cream in dairy processing factories, livestock farms and foodfactories. Through changing some parts inside the bowl, our dairy separator can also be used to separate and clarify milk, oil, chemical liquid, medicine and other liquid products.

Working Principle
Our cream separator adopts electric disk and manual residue discharging. Taking advantage of the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation, this milk separator is able to separate the whole milk heated to a certain temperature into cream (light phase) and skimmed milk (heavy phase) according to the specific gravity of each substance.

Technical Parameter of Cream Separator
Separating capacity (L/h) FL (1000-5000)
Separating tank inside (mm) Φ200
Separating flakes 47±2
Separating factor 4949
Separating speed (r/min) 6650
Engine power (kW) 1.5
Machine size (mm) 749×488×924
Machine weight (kg) 178
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