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Round High Shear Emulsification Tank

Technical Characteristics of Round High Shear Emulsification Tank

1. The round high shear emulsification tank is the latest product developed by our company adopting advanced design technology introduced from Japan. As an initially created product in China, mechanical and hydraulic high speed blending is the key to the success of this emulsifying equipment. The precise cooperation of rotor and stator guarantees that the processed material can bear hundreds of thousands of times shearing actions per minute.

2. The blending device is installed eccentrically on the vertical emulsification tank to prevent the liquid from forming "cylindrical rotary area" around the blender. This design can also achieve the blending effect similar to that with baffle plate equipped.

3. Eccentric blending makes the blending center deviate form the tank center and makes the pressure of liquid flow at each point different. Therefore, the relative movement between liquid layers is enhanced and the blending effect is greatly improved.

4. In order to meet different processing requirements, we have specially designed three kinds of interchangeable stator heads for this round high shear emulsification tank. The stator heads are made of stainless steel and can be dismounted for cleaning. Size of the stator head varies with the power of motor.

5. With the interchangeable stator heads, our round emulsification container can be used in many fields like cosmetic emulsion processing, mucilage manufacturing and other occasions where blending, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and dissolving are needed.

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