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Powder Liquid Mixer

Working Principle
The powder liquid mixer we offer is mainly made up of the main machine body and the centrifugal pump water wheel which are installed vertically to each other.

The liquid and solid materials are pumped into the main machine body separately through a two-layer pipe. This material loading mode prevents the materials from congealing before entering into the main machine body. When the liquid flows into the main machine body of the mixer at a high speed, a vacuum state will be generated in the center of the water wheel to suck the solid material in. The solid material will be sucked in evenly controlled by the valve under the douche tank.

1. Our powder liquid mixer is designed with simple structure and multiple functions. It can mix several kinds of solid materials efficiently and evenly without contacting air. Then the mixed products are allowed to be recycled. Under some circumstances, the "online" function makes the products do not need to be recycled.
2. This liquid powder mixing equipment conforms to the hygienic standard and is easy to install and dismount. It can be cleaned and disinfected without being disassembled.
3. Our powder liquid mixer is designed with advanced concept and manufactured with elaborate workmanship. It has high production efficiency and long service life.

Equipped with a 40℃ standard douche tank especially designed for dairy and beverage producers, our liquid powder blender can be used for blending solid and liquid materials, for example, dissolving syrup, sorbitol, glucose, lactose and their byproducts. It can also be used to make reconstituted milk or to dissolve cocoa powder or white granulated sugar into milk. Being able to be used for dissolving whey powder, flour, starch, etc, our powder liquid mixer is also suitable for making salty water, premixed yoghourt and other dairy products.

Technical Parameters
Model SFH-5 SFH-10 SFH-20
Capacity (t/h) 0.3-5 1-10 2-20
motor power (kW) 3 7.5 11
Rotation speed of vane pump (rpm) 2800/1400
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