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Steam Jacketed Kettle

Made of stainless steel, our steam jacketed kettle can be applied to the processing of candy, medicine, dairy, wine, cake, beverage, sweetmeat, can, etc. It is also applicable for boiling soup, stewing meat and cooking porridge in large restaurant or canteen. Our stainless steel jacketed pan is ideal equipment for shortening processing time, increasing product quality and improving working condition of food processing factories.

Features of Steam Jacketed Kettle
1. Taking steam with a certain pressure as main source, this jacketed steam pan comes with the advantages of big heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating and easy temperature control.
2. Our steam jacketed kettle is not only easy to install and operate, but also safe to use.
3. The inner-layer kettle body is acid-resistant and nice-looking.

Technical Parameter of Steam Jacketed Kettle
Model Metric volume (L) Dimension (Diameter
×Depth) (cm)
Type Working air pressure (Mpa) Agitation speed (r/min) Max. tilt angle Pipe diameter of inlet and outlet (inch) Power of motor (kW)
G100-I 100 66.4×48.2 Tilting 0.3/0.5 36 90° 1/2" 0.5
G100-II Fixing 90°
G200-I 200 85×57.5 Tilting 0.3/0.5 36 90° 3/4" 0.7
G200-II Fixing 90°
G300-I 300 100×65 Tilting 0.3/0.5 36 90° 3/4" 0.9
G300-II Fixing 90°
G500-I 500 110×85 Tilting 0.3/0.5 36 90° 3/4" 1.2
G500-II Fixing 90°
G600-I 600 120×95 Tilting 0.3/0.5 36 90° 3/4" 1.5
G600-II Fixing 90°
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