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Vacuum Degasser

Application of Vacuum Degasser
1. Our vacuum degasser, also called vacuum degassing tank, is usually used for the vacuum degassing of fruit juice to prevent it from oxidizing and browning. At the same time, the vacuum degassing equipment can remove the gas attaching to the suspended particulates to stop those suspended particulates from floating upward so as to improve the appearance of the finished juice products.

Moreover, vacuum degassing also helps reduce the bubbles during high temperature sterilization and filling, not only improving the sterilizing effect, but also reducing the corrosion to the container.

2. Our vacuum degasser is also fit for removing gases when producing liquid milk or beverages contenting milk.

3. Generally, vacuum degassing is performed after homogenizing, sometimes, before filling.

Main Material of Vacuum Degasser
1. The parts in touch with the processed materials adopt high quality stainless steel.
2. The sealing packing collar of this vacuum degassing machine is made of silicon rubber for foods.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Degasser
Model ZTD-1 ZTD-2 ZTD-3
Processing capacity 1000L/h 2000L/h 3000L/h
Vacuum degree 0.064-0.087Mpa 0.064-0.087Mpa 0.064-0.087Mpa
Total power 5.2kW 6.2kW 7.3kW
Size 1035×750×2840 1135×780×3040 1185×800×3140
Weight 270kg 350kg 450kg
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