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Flash Evaporator

Application and Working Principle
1. This flash evaporator we produce is mainly applicable to the preprocessing of liquid milk.
2. Taking advantage of instant vaporization technology, this flash evaporating equipment allows the fresh milk to be concentrated without damaging the effective nutrients. For example, if the dry matter content in the raw milk is 11.5%-12%, after flash vaporization, the dry matter content of the milk will reach up to 2.5%-13%. Therefore, flash evaporating can increase the dry matter content, remove the unpleasant flavor and keep the original taste of milk.
3. Our flash evaporator needs to be used in combination with other heating equipment. Generally, it is connected behind the keeping pipe of sterilizer, with material feeding temperature of about 90℃.

Main Material of Flash Evaporator
1. In this evaporating machine, all the parts in contact with the processed materials are made of high quality stainless steel.
2. The sealing packing collar is made from silicon rubber which is dedicated for food production.

Technical Parameter of Flash Evaporator
Model SZZ-5 SZZ-10 SZZ-15 SZZ-20D
Capacity 5000L/h 10000L/h 15000L/h 20000L/h
Evaporation 400kg/h 800kg/h 1200kg/h 1600kg/h
Vacuum degree 0.064-0.084MPa
Total power 13kW 16.5kW 21kW 26.5kW
Size 2500×860×3150 2800×1060×3600 3500×1500×400 3800×1800×4200
Weight 900kg 1100kg 1500kg 2000kg
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