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Preparation System

    1. Colloid MillThis colloid milling equipment can be widely used in food industry to make jam, juice, dairy product and plant protein beverage.
      In pharmaceutical industry, our colloid grinder is appropriate for making syrup, nutrient solution, Chinese medicine, poultice, etc.
    1. Cream SeparatorThrough changing some parts inside the bowl, our dairy separator can also be used to separate and clarify milk, oil, chemical liquid, medicine and other liquid products.
    1. Square High Shear Emulsification TankEquipped with an imported top quality emulsification head whose working speed up is to 1500rpm, our high speed emulsification equipment can effectively dissolve and emulsify sucrose, milk powder, colloid and other additives.
    1. Round High Shear Emulsification TankWith the interchangeable stator heads, our round emulsification container can be used in many fields like cosmetic emulsion processing, mucilage manufacturing and other occasions where blending, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and dissolving are needed.
    1. Powder Liquid MixerEquipped with a 40℃ standard douche tank especially designed for dairy and beverage producers, our liquid powder blender can be used for blending solid and liquid materials, for example, dissolving syrup, sorbitol, glucose, lactose and their byproducts.
    1. Steam Jacketed KettleTaking steam with a certain pressure as main source, this jacketed steam pan comes with the advantages of big heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating and easy temperature control.
    1. High Pressure HomogenizerThis liquid homogenization equipment is widely used in the fields of food, dairy, beverage, medicine, fine chemical, bioengineering technology, etc.
    1. Vacuum DegasserAt the same time, the vacuum degassing equipment can remove the gas attaching to the suspended particulates to stop those suspended particulates from floating upward so as to improve the appearance of the finished juice products.
    1. Flash EvaporatorTaking advantage of instant vaporization technology, this flash evaporating equipment allows the fresh milk to be concentrated without damaging the effective nutrients.
    1. Double Effect ConcentratorThis concentrating equipment can fulfill sterilization and concentration continuously, having little influence on the color, flavor and nutrients of the concentrated products.
    1. Drying Tower SystemMilk powder dried by our spray drying system remains its original nutrients, color and flavor. Moreover, the milk powder that our drying tower system fabricates also has high solubility and is easy to reconstitute.
    1. Fluidized BedCausing little damage to the material surface, our fluidizing drying equipment is suitable for drying friable materials or irregular particle materials.
      The totally enclosed structure effectively avoids the cross contamination between the processed materials and the outside environment.

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