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Plate Heat Exchanger

1. Our plate heat exchanger is designed with compact structure and takes up little space.
2. This plate heat exchanger features large processing area and high efficiency.
3. This industrial heat exchanger is easy to dismount, clean and maintain.
4. Made of stainless steel and adopting hasp sealing gasket, our plate heat exchanging equipment is especially suitable for food, beverage and dairy industry.
5. As high efficiency heat transfer equipment, our plate heat exchanger can also be used in the fields of chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, power station, chemical fertilizer, paper making, pharmacy, air conditioner, beer, beverage, bioengineering, etc.

Plate material: US304, SUS 316l
Titanium plate sealing gasket: NBR, EPDM
TP plate area (Single): 0.05m2, 01m2, 0.16m2, 0.26m2, 0.6m2

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