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Water Bath Pasteurizer

Our water bath pasteurizer is endowed with ingenious design and prominence from German technology. This pasteurization plant is especially applicable for secondary sterilization of dairy products, beverage, and jelly.

Advantages of Water Bath Pasteurizer
1. This milk sterilizer adopts SUS304 stainless steel for all parts contacting with products being processed, so as to ensure food safety and sanitation.
2. Chain plate and wheel in this water bath sterilizer are also made from link SUS304 stainless steel to offer exceptional resistance against acid and alkali corrosion.
3. Water tank of our beverage processing equipment is heated by steam. Steam consumption is automatically determined by solenoid valve, thus ensuring sufficient use of hot water.
4. Optimize structure offers stable performance and attractive appearance.

Technology Parameters of Water Bath Pasteurizer
Capacity 1-5 tons/h
Sterilizing Temp. < 98℃ (Customizable)
Sterilizing Time 10-35 minutes (Stepless Speed Control)
Cooling Temp. 20℃
Cooling Time 10-25 minutes (Stepless Speed Control)
Steam Pressure 0.4Mpa
Chain Speed 0.17-10m/min (Stepless Speed Control)
Centrifugal Blower Power 3kW
Overall Weight About 6000kg
Overall Dimension 1600×2600×2000mm
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