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Sterilization System

    1. Plate PasteurizerWith high heat recovery efficiency, this pasteurization equipment is energy-saving.
      Our plate sterilization machine is designed with a compact structure and has the advantages of easy operation and convenient maintenance.
    1. Plate UHT SterilizerWith sterilization temperature of 137°C and heat preservation time of 3-5s, this sterilization system is able to remain the original nutrients, color and flavor of the beverages and dairy products.
    1. Tube UHT SterilizerOur tube sterilization instrument is of high automation degree. CIP cleaning, tube sterilizing and material sterilizing can all be controlled and recorded automatically.
    1. Plate Heat ExchangerMade of stainless steel and adopting hasp sealing gasket, our plate heat exchanging equipment is especially suitable for food, beverage and dairy industry.
    1. Rotary AutoclavePressure control system in this purification plant is automatically adjusted by back pressure correction technology. Therefore, customers benefit from amazingly enhanced yield and minimized damage to vessels.
    1. Spray SterilizerOur purification plant is applicable for sterilization and cooling of all kinds of bottled and canned acidic juices, electrolyte drinks, liquors and condiments, etc.
      Customized solution is available to fit specific requirements on sterilization and processing capacity.
    1. Water Bath PasteurizerOur water bath pasteurizer is endowed with ingenious design and prominence from German technology. This pasteurization plant is especially applicable for secondary sterilization of dairy products, beverage, and jelly.

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