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Fruit Juice Concentrator

Advantages of Fruit Juice Concentrator
1. Jimei juice evaporator is highly recommended for industries of dairy, juice, pharmaceutical and chemical.
2. This juice production equipment is fitted with multi-function plate-type evaporator, resulting in impressive capacity and energy efficiency.
3. Thanks to fast, vacuum evaporation at low temperature, our juice processing machine retains natural color, smell, taste, flavor and nutrient of fruits.
4. Pasteurization is employed to ensure food safety and sanitation.
5. Advanced technology is the reliable background for stable performance.
6. Compacted structure offers simple operation and maintenance as well as minimized machine size.

Technology Parameters of Fruit Juice Concentrator
Mode GL-6 GL-12 GL-20
Capacity 3-6 tons/h 6-12 tons/h 10-20 tons/h
Inlet Concentration 10% 10% 10%
Outlet Concentration 71% 71% 71%
Evaporation Capacity 2.5-5 tons/h 5-10 tons/h 8.6-17 tons/h
Steam Consumption 0.52kg/kg 0.32kg/kg 0.25kg/kg
Dimension 6000×4000×3000 10000×4200×3200 12000×4400×3500
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