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Fruit Processing Equipment

    1. Fruit Pulping MachineThis fruit juice extractor automatically separates pulp and solids.
      Our pulp extraction plant is allowed to be utilized not only as stand-alone machine, but is also compatible with food processing line.
    1. Rotary Juice ExtractorJimei rotary juice extractor has been widely applied to extraction of fruit and vegetable juice such as tomato, pineapple, apple and orange, etc.
    1. Fruit CrusherThis fruit crusher is specially designed to press tomato, kiwifruit, carrot, mulberry, papaya, apple and pear, etc.
    1. Fruit SorterThe rolling components in this fruit sizer involve the utilization of special short link stainless steel chain and polished seamless stainless steel pipe. Therefore, our fruit sorter is characterized by light weight and ease of operation.
    1. Fruit WasherHigh Purification Our vegetable purifier rotates fruits and vegetables in all directions, resulting in impressive cleanness.
    1. Fruit ElevatorThis bulk material handling equipment is applicable for coal, chemical products, grains as well as fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, tomato and orange, etc.
    1. Fruit Juice ConcentratorThanks to fast, vacuum evaporation at low temperature, our juice processing machine retains natural color, smell, taste, flavor and nutrient of fruits.