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Industrial Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration System for Mineral Water Treatment

This industrial hollow fiber Ultrafiltration system is the versatile and economical mineral water treatment solution for filtering and removal of large molecular weight materials. This membrane separation system is suitable for mineral water treatment at atmospheric temperature and low pressure. Based on simple structure and easy operation, our water processing line is highly recommended for industries of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, fermentation and environment protection, etc.

Our UF system is endowed with 10m3/h production capacity. Moreover, this industrial hollow fiber system is designed to screen colloidal particle, bacteria, virus, pyrogen, protein and macromolecules contained in water. Therefore, this drinking water treatment equipment can be used as stand-alone equipment for production of process water and drinking water. It is also the industry-proven solution for pre-treatment of RO system as well as fine process of high pure water.

Components of Industrial Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration System
Source water pump, mechanical filter, water softener, regenerative unit, booster pump, 5μm precision filter, hollow fiber UF system, engineering pipe fitting, etc.

Technology Parameters of Industrial Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration System
Model UF-1000 UF-3000 UF-5000 UF-10000
Processing Capacity (t/h) 1000 3000 5000 10000101010
Source Water Pump Model CHL2-40 CHL4-40 CHL8-40 CHL16-40
Mechanical Filter Φ350×1500 Φ500×1500 Φ600×1500 Φ900×1500
Water Softener (Resin 001×7) Φ350×1500 Φ500×1500 Φ600×1500 Φ900×1500
Booster Pump Model CHL2-20 CHL4-20 CHL8-20 CHL16-20
Precision Filter Cartridge Size Φ65×500 Φ65×700 Φ65×500 Φ65×750
Filter Cartridge Quantity 5 5 7 7
Hollow Fiber UF System Capacity (t/h) 1000 3000 5000 10000
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