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Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for Pure Water Treatment

1. As a kind of commonly used water treatment equipment, the industrial reverse osmosis system involves the utilization of stainless steel multi-media filter and activated carbon filter, thus offering remarkable filtration of large size particles and suspended solids. Correspondingly, RO membrane efficiency is improved exponentially, allowing the water purification system to drastically reduce the undesirable flavors and residual oxygen contained in water.
2. We adopt American high effectiveness low pressure composite membrane for this drinking water treatment equipment. Single membrane offers 99% salt rejection rate, whereby enhancing water taste.
3. Our water filtration system is protected by high and low pressure technology introduced from Korea. Therefore, our RO system is free from failure and produces pure water meeting national quality standards.

Components of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
Source water pump, mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, chemical dosing system, 5μm precision filter, RO system, RO cleaning device, pipe fittings, etc.

Technology Parameters of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
Model RO-1000 RO-3000 RO-5000 RO-10000
Processing Capacity (t/h) 1000 3000 500 10000
Source Water Pump Model CHL2-40 CHL8-40 CHL8-50 CHL16-40
Mechanical Filter 400×1500 600×1500 800×1500 1200×1500
Activated Carbon Filter 400×1500 600×1500 800×1500 1200×1500
Chemical Dosing System Dosing Pump Milton Roy P026
Tank 40L PE Tank
Precision Filter Filter Cartridge Size 65×500 65×750 65×750 65×750
Filter Cartridge Quantity 5 5 7 7
RO System: High Pressure Pump, RO membrane, housing, control cabinet, pressure meter, flow meter, conductometer, pressure switch, etc.
RO Cleaning Device (Including cleaning pump and cleaning chamber, etc.)
Overall Dimension (RO System) Length 2600 2600 2600 3600
Width 700 700 900 900
Height 1900 2000 2000 2000
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