1. Aseptic Brick Carton Filling MachineCarton shaping, material filling and carton sealing are all completed in the aseptic room with positive pressure condition, to ensure both the packaging carton and the packaged beverage are free from pathogenic organisms. The packaged beverage which is processed with UHT sterilization will have a shelf life as long as 1 year at room temperature.
    1. Automatic Gable Top Carton Filling MachineIt can be used to fill various kinds of liquid foods, such as milk, yoghourt, fresh cream, juice, etc. Combined with other optional devices, this paper box filling and sealing machine is also suitable for filling high-viscosity, granular or solid foods and other products.
    1. Semi-Auto Gable Top Carton Filling MachineThis semi-auto carton packaging equipment is of convenient operation and easy maintenance since it can be operated by only one person. Needing little investment, our drink packing machine helps save your production cost.
    1. Aseptic Pouch Packing MachineThe man-machine interface, PLC system, photoelectric control system, pneumatic system, lubrication system, aseptic processing room, servo system and valves of our sterile pouch packing equipment are all from world-famous companies.
    1. Fully Automatic Liquid Packing MachineThis liquid packaging machine is able to fulfill pouch making, filling, sealing, date printing, quantity counting, date printing and ultraviolet sterilization automatically at one time.
    1. Fully-Automatic Cup Forming, Filling and Sealing MachineOur cup filling machine adopts components which are world-famous top brand products. It can also be configured with optional systems such as 100-class laminar flow protection system fruit particle dynamic mixture system, high-temperature filling mechanism, mobile code printing device, etc.
    1. Automatic Cup Filling and Sealing MachineThis cup packaging machine can automatically complete the working procedures of cup loading, quantitative filling, lid covering, secondary cup sealing, cup lifting, pushing and conveying, etc.
    1. Plastic Bottle Filling and Aluminum Foil Sealing MachineIntegration of mechanical and electrical technologies makes our plastic bottle filling and capping machine work more stably.This plastic bottle filling and sealing machine can be widely used for food and pharmaceutical packaging.
    1. 3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping MachineMagnetic torque cap screwing device with stepless adjustable screwing torque is used for grasping and screwing the cap. This 3-in-1 bottle capping machine can screw the cap onto the bottle tightly with constant torch causing no damage to the cap.
    1. 3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Hot Filling and Capping MachineThis beverage hot filling machine is designed with beautiful appearance and integrates the functions of bottle washing, filling and capping.
    1. 3-in-1 Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine for Soft DrinkThis product is a 3-in-1 bottle washing, filling and capping machine suitable for PET bottled carbonated soft drink production. Its production capacity ranges from 4000 bottles per hour to 36000 bottles per hour.
    1. Beverage Can Filling and Sealing MachineAdopting advanced electrical control and pneumatic control technologies, this soft drink packaging machine has high filling efficiency and accuracy. This beverage can filling and sealing machine features minimized liquid loss during filling.
    1. 3 Gallon/5 Gallon Water Bottle Washing, Filling and Capping Machine Integrating the functions of 3 gallon and 5 gallon water bottle washing machines, bottled water filling equipment and bottle capping machines, our drummed water packing machine has a production capacity ranging from 120BPH to 900 BPH.
    1. Automatic Aluminum-Plastic Composite Bag Weight Filling and Packaging Machine As a kind of bag packaging equipment integrating the functions of a net weight filling machine, the automatic weight filling and packaging machine is able to pack maximally 30 aluminum-plastic composite bags every minute.
    1. Tin Filling and Sealing MachineIt is able to complete tin sorting, sterilization, powder weighing and filling, vacuumizing, nitrogen filling and tin sealing automatically.
    1. Aseptic Bag Filling MachineImported flowmeter and electronic weighing sensor are used to control the filling weight. When reaching to the preset filling volume, the aseptic bag filling machine will seal the cap automatically and the lifting platform will rotate to get ready to hold the next bucket of filling material.
    1. Milk Weighing TankA movable filter sieve is installed on the milk feeding device to filter the milk so as to guarantee the milk does not contain impurities.
      Our milk weighting tank is usually used together with the milk receiver and can help increase milk collection efficiency.
    1. Milk Receiver TankThis milk collection container is usually used in combination with the milk weighing equipment. The milk outlet of our milk receiver tank can be adjusted to fit your whole processing equipment layout.
    1. Stainless Steel Milk BucketAs small collection equipment, our stainless steel barrel can also be applied in pharmaceutical industry and other occasions due to its flexibility and lightness.
    1. Milk Transfer TankBoth the inside and outside of our liquid food transport tank is made of SUS304-2B stainless steel.
      The interlayer of the tank adopts heat insulated structure and polyurethane foaming technology.
    1. Milk Cooling TankThis vertical cooling milk storage tank adopts advanced technologies and components such as microcomputer control technology, imported polyurethane foaming technology, imported air compressor, safety protection system, honeycomb plate evaporator, etc.
    1. Single-Layer Storage TankOur single-layer storage tank is usually used as water storage tank, raw milk storage tank, processed milk storage tank, mixing tank (no heating), temporary storage tank, etc.
    1. Insulated TankThis insulated tank we offer usually serves as a bacteria cultivating tank to make zymogens used in yoghurt production.
    1. Culture TankOur culture tank is usually used to cultivate bacteria, such as zymogens which are used for yoghourt production.
    1. Mixing TankOur mixing tank is appropriate for mixing and blending all kinds of materials in dairy industry.
    1. Fermentation TankThis fermentation equipment adopts internal recycling mode and makes use of a blending paddle to disperse and break the bubbles. Therefore, it can achieve high speed oxygen dissolution and good mixing effect.
    1. Outdoor Milk TankTank body type: Vertical cylindrical body; The tank body has a tapered top with taper angle of 15º and inclined bottom with taper angle of 5º. There is a base under this milk storage tank.
    1. Colloid MillThis colloid milling equipment can be widely used in food industry to make jam, juice, dairy product and plant protein beverage.
      In pharmaceutical industry, our colloid grinder is appropriate for making syrup, nutrient solution, Chinese medicine, poultice, etc.
    1. Cream SeparatorThrough changing some parts inside the bowl, our dairy separator can also be used to separate and clarify milk, oil, chemical liquid, medicine and other liquid products.
    1. Square High Shear Emulsification TankEquipped with an imported top quality emulsification head whose working speed up is to 1500rpm, our high speed emulsification equipment can effectively dissolve and emulsify sucrose, milk powder, colloid and other additives.
    1. Round High Shear Emulsification TankWith the interchangeable stator heads, our round emulsification container can be used in many fields like cosmetic emulsion processing, mucilage manufacturing and other occasions where blending, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and dissolving are needed.
    1. Powder Liquid MixerEquipped with a 40℃ standard douche tank especially designed for dairy and beverage producers, our liquid powder blender can be used for blending solid and liquid materials, for example, dissolving syrup, sorbitol, glucose, lactose and their byproducts.
    1. Steam Jacketed KettleTaking steam with a certain pressure as main source, this jacketed steam pan comes with the advantages of big heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating and easy temperature control.
    1. High Pressure HomogenizerThis liquid homogenization equipment is widely used in the fields of food, dairy, beverage, medicine, fine chemical, bioengineering technology, etc.
    1. Vacuum DegasserAt the same time, the vacuum degassing equipment can remove the gas attaching to the suspended particulates to stop those suspended particulates from floating upward so as to improve the appearance of the finished juice products.
    1. Flash EvaporatorTaking advantage of instant vaporization technology, this flash evaporating equipment allows the fresh milk to be concentrated without damaging the effective nutrients.
    1. Double Effect ConcentratorThis concentrating equipment can fulfill sterilization and concentration continuously, having little influence on the color, flavor and nutrients of the concentrated products.
    1. Drying Tower SystemMilk powder dried by our spray drying system remains its original nutrients, color and flavor. Moreover, the milk powder that our drying tower system fabricates also has high solubility and is easy to reconstitute.
    1. Fluidized BedCausing little damage to the material surface, our fluidizing drying equipment is suitable for drying friable materials or irregular particle materials.
      The totally enclosed structure effectively avoids the cross contamination between the processed materials and the outside environment.
    1. Plate PasteurizerWith high heat recovery efficiency, this pasteurization equipment is energy-saving.
      Our plate sterilization machine is designed with a compact structure and has the advantages of easy operation and convenient maintenance.
    1. Plate UHT SterilizerWith sterilization temperature of 137°C and heat preservation time of 3-5s, this sterilization system is able to remain the original nutrients, color and flavor of the beverages and dairy products.
    1. Tube UHT SterilizerOur tube sterilization instrument is of high automation degree. CIP cleaning, tube sterilizing and material sterilizing can all be controlled and recorded automatically.
    1. Plate Heat ExchangerMade of stainless steel and adopting hasp sealing gasket, our plate heat exchanging equipment is especially suitable for food, beverage and dairy industry.
    1. Rotary AutoclavePressure control system in this purification plant is automatically adjusted by back pressure correction technology. Therefore, customers benefit from amazingly enhanced yield and minimized damage to vessels.
    1. Spray SterilizerOur purification plant is applicable for sterilization and cooling of all kinds of bottled and canned acidic juices, electrolyte drinks, liquors and condiments, etc.
      Customized solution is available to fit specific requirements on sterilization and processing capacity.
    1. Water Bath PasteurizerOur water bath pasteurizer is endowed with ingenious design and prominence from German technology. This pasteurization plant is especially applicable for secondary sterilization of dairy products, beverage, and jelly.
    1. Vertical CIP SystemThis vertical cleaning equipment eliminates cross-contamination of active ingredients, avoids insoluble particles, and minimizes pollutions caused by microorganism and pyrogen.
    1. Small Scale CIP SystemThis CIP cleaning system is available in semi automatic or fully automatic control system in accordance to customer’s requirements.
    1. Fruit Pulping MachineThis fruit juice extractor automatically separates pulp and solids.
      Our pulp extraction plant is allowed to be utilized not only as stand-alone machine, but is also compatible with food processing line.
    1. Rotary Juice ExtractorJimei rotary juice extractor has been widely applied to extraction of fruit and vegetable juice such as tomato, pineapple, apple and orange, etc.
    1. Fruit SorterThe rolling components in this fruit sizer involve the utilization of special short link stainless steel chain and polished seamless stainless steel pipe. Therefore, our fruit sorter is characterized by light weight and ease of operation.
    1. Fruit WasherHigh Purification Our vegetable purifier rotates fruits and vegetables in all directions, resulting in impressive cleanness.
    1. Fruit ElevatorThis bulk material handling equipment is applicable for coal, chemical products, grains as well as fruits and vegetables such as apple, pear, tomato and orange, etc.
    1. Fruit Juice ConcentratorThanks to fast, vacuum evaporation at low temperature, our juice processing machine retains natural color, smell, taste, flavor and nutrient of fruits.
  • Sanitary PumpsThis series of food machinery equipment is not only fabricated to highest levels of sanitation standards, but also delivers no damage to natural flavors of food and beverages.