Complete Pasteurized Milk Processing Line

Pasteurized Milk Processing Line

Production Line Layout

Production Flow Chart

Also simply called as pasteurized milk production line by our clients, our complete pasteurized milk processing line is practically designed to produce several kinds of standardized milks including whole milk, skimmed milk and others varied by fat content.

Workflow of Complete Pasteurized Milk Processing Line
1. Standardizing
Raw milk, in the first place, will be heated in our pasteurized milk production line. Then, it will be standardized to control fat content contained in raw milk. Generally, low fat milk contains about 1.5% fat, and normal milk has 3% fat. The fat content in skimmed milk is only 0.1% to 0.5%.

2. Homogenization
Homogenization delivers a size reduction and an even distribution of fat globules, whereby minimizing creaming. We are able to offer entire or partial homogenization, wherein the later type requires smaller homogenizer for cost reduction.

3. Pasteurization
Milk will be pumped into heat exchanger. Our milk pasteurizer line employs booster pump to offer sufficient pressure, thus preventing pasteurized milk from being polluted by unprocessed milk or refrigerating medium. The skim milk will be heated in a holding tube. The pasteurized milk production line supports continuous monitoring and recording of pasteurizing temperature. If the temperature falls below the limit, the automatic change over value will bring insufficiently pasteurized milk back to the balance tank.

Then, the milk is fed into cooling section on this dairy processing equipment and cooled by unprocessed cold milk. Finally, the milk is cooled down to storage temperature by ice water and is fed into filling machine.

Pasteurizing temperature and time is the critical factor determining milk quality and shelf life, and should be clearly stated in requirements. Generally, the temperature is ranged between 72℃ to 75℃. The processing time is controlled from 15s to 20s. Furthermore, our milk separator utilizes heating treatment for destruction of all unnecessary and pathogenic microbes, rather than milk.

Components of Complete Pasteurized Milk Processing Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Milk Receiving or Powder Dissolving Section
3. Preparation Section
4. Pasteurization Section
5. Filling & Packaging Section
6. CIP Cleaning Section
7. Cooling Section
8. Compressor
9. Steam Boiler
10. Cooling Room
11. Installation Material

Technical Parameters of Complete Pasteurized Milk Processing Line
Raw Material Fresh Raw Milk, Powdered Milk
Product Pasteurized Whole Milk, Pasteurized Skimmed Milk, Pasteurized Flavored Milk, etc.
Production Capacity 2 tons/d to 500 tons/d
Package Gable Top Carton, Plastic Pouch, Plastic Bottle, etc.
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