Complete Pure Water Production Line

Pure Water Production Line

Production Line Layout

Our complete pure water production line is specially designed for production of still beverage with small viscidity, such as bottled pure water, spring water, soda water and mineral water, etc. Thanks to outstanding flexibility, our pure water machine is compatible with semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment to accommodate various bottle sizes and production volumes.

Atmospheric pressure filling machine is the core part in this beverage equipment. Taking 500ml per bottle as an example, if you want to produce 2,000 bottles per hour, then we recommend modular pure water filling and sealing machine. If the production capacity is supposed to exceed 2,000 bottles per hour, then Three-In-One pure water packing equipment is what you need. Currently, the output volume of our pure water production line reaches 5 tons/day to 1000 tons/day.

Components of Complete Pure Water Production Line
1. Raw Water Storage Tank
2. Raw Water Pump
3. Sand Filter (Multiple Filter Media)
4. Active Carbon Filter
5. Water Softener
6. Micro Filter
7. High Pressure Pump
8. Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) System
9. Sterilizer (U.V or Ozone)
10. Pure Water Tank
11. Filling & Packing Section

Technical Parameters of Complete Pure Water Production Line
Raw Material Tap Water, Underground Water
Product Pure Drinking Water
Production Capacity 5 tons/day to 1000 tons/day
Package Plastic Bottle, Plastic Cup, Plastic Bag, etc.
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