Complete UHT Milk Processing Line

UHT Milk Processing Line

Production Line Layout

Production Flow Chart

UHT milk production lines are very popular in food and beverage production industry as they allow fresh milk to be stored at ambient temperatures. To meet the market demand, we have developed the complete UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) milk processing line which is emerged as the perfect beverage production solution for extended shelf life in natural environment.

Working Principle of Complete UHT Milk Processing Line
1. Based on UHT workshop, raw milk is fed into a closed system. The beverage processing line provides preheating, high-temperature treatment, homogenization, ultra-high temperature treatment, cooling and aseptic packaging.

2. Normally, liquids with low acid content (pH ≥4.5, milk pH≥6.5) require several seconds of heating at 135℃-150℃. The heating process can be done in manner of indirect heating, direct steam jet or steam injection. Products with high acid content (pH<4.5), such as juice, are supposed to be heated at 90℃ -95℃ for 15-30 seconds.

3. Our Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk production line adopts aseptic packaging and anticorrosion treatment for high-temperature heating section, so as to prevent products from being polluted by light and air. Storage at ambient temperature is allowed.

Classification of Complete UHT Milk Processing Line
1. Direct Heating System

Due to the direct system, our UHT milk production line allows product to directly contact with heating medium, and then to be cooled rapidly in vacuum vessel. Finally, by indirect cooling, the product is at packaging temperature.

Direct system falls into following types.
1. Steam Injection System (steam injected into product)
2. Steam Infusion System (product introduced into a steam-filled vessel)

2. Indirect Heating System
If UHT milk processing line employs indirect system, which means heat is transferred from heating source to product through a partition such as plate or tubular wall. It is possible to combine the heat exchangers in the direct systems according to product and process requirements.

The indirect system for an UHT milk production line typically comprises following types.
1. Plate Heat Exchanger
2. Tubular Heat Exchanger
3. Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

The figure below is the UHT line with indirect tubular heating system.

Components of Complete UHT Milk Processing Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Milk Receiving or Powder Dissolving Section
3. Preparation Section
4. UHT Sterilization Section
5. Filling & Packaging Section
6. CIP Cleaning Section
7. Cooling Device
8. Compressor
9. Steam Boiler
10. Installation Material

Technical Parameters of Complete UHT Milk Processing Line
Raw Material Fresh Raw Milk, Powdered Milk
Product UHT Whole Milk, UHT Skimmed Milk, UHT Flavored Milk, etc.
Production Capacity 2 tons/d to 500 tons/d
Package Brick-Shape Aseptic Carton (like Tetra Pack), Pillow-Shape Aseptic Pouch, Plastic Bottle, etc.
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