Complete Yoghurt Processing Line

Yoghurt Processing Line

Production Line Layout

Production Flow Chart

Our complete yoghurt processing line can be used for production of set yoghurt or stirred yogurt, because these two kinds of milk products require the same pretreatment. As a popular selection of beverage processing line, this yoghurt production line offers fat and dry matter standardizing, heat treatment and homogenization.

It is assumed that the milk has been standardized to the required fat content before entering the yoghurt production line, and dry matter content is standardized in an evaporator during production process. If dry matter content is adjusted by adding milk powder, then equipment used should be similar to selections described in Recombined Milk section.

Before heat treatment, additives can be fed into milk including stabilizers and vitamins, etc. When the milk has been preheated and cooled to inoculation temperature, the following procedures are determined by yoghurt types you want to produce, such as set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, frozen yoghurt and concentrated yoghurt. Yoghurt flavor and taste are the primary factors.

Workflow of Complete Yoghurt Processing Line

Figure 11.14 shows the production flow of stirred yoghurt production line.

1. Pretreated raw milk, which is cooled to incubation temperature, is pumped into incubation tank (7), where certain amount of production bulk starter is added into milk. When the tank is fulfilled, agitation will be held for a period of time to achieve uniformed distribution of bulk starter. Incubation tank is supposed to be isolated to keep constant temperature. Acidometer is optional to the incubation tank for convenient check on development of acidity.

2. If normal bulk starter with 2.5-3% inoculums is utilized, then incubation time is ranged from 2.5 to 3 hours, and temperature is controlled at 42-43℃. After achieving desirable pH value, temperature should be decreased from 42-43℃ to 15-22℃ within 30 minutes, so as to prevent further development of bacteria. As a result, superior yoghurt quality is ensured.

3. This dairy processing system involves the utilization of mechanical treatment to handle coagulum in a soft manner, resulting in perfect consistency. Moreover, our yoghurt processing line is fitted with special plate heat exchanger (8) for cooling. Stirred yoghurt is ready for packaging at 15-22℃.

4. Various fruits and flavoring agents (10) can be poured into yoghurt when it is transferred from buffer tank to filling machine. Variable-speed metering pump, which is synchronous to yoghurt feed pump, is employed for efficient mixture of ingredients, yoghurt and fruits in blending unit. This unit is static and hygienic for ensured quality.

Components of Complete Yoghurt Processing Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Milk Receiving or Powder Dissolving Section
3. Preparation Section
4. Sterilization Section
5. Fermentation Section
6. Filling & Packaging Section
7. CIP Cleaning Section
8. Cooling Device
9. Compressor
10. Steam Boiler
11. Cooling or Incubation Room
12. Installation Material

Technical Parameters of Complete Yoghurt Processing Line
Raw Material Fresh Raw Milk, Milk Powder
Product Stirred Yoghurt, Set Yoghurt, Drinking Yoghurt, etc.
Production Capacity 2 tons/d to 500 tons/d
Package Gable Top Carton, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Cup, Glass Bottle, etc.
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