Complete Fruit Juice Processing Line

Fruit Juice Processing Line

Production Line Layout

Production Flow Chart

Our complete fruit juice processing line adopts fresh fruits, concentrated juice and juice powder as raw materials. Often found in food and beverage production industry, this food processing system covers a complete series of production procedures including dilution, extraction, cooking, grinding, homogenization, degassing and filling, etc. Customers benefit from various kinds of fruit juices and flavored juice beverage.

Advantages of the Fruit Juice Production Line
1. Our beverage production equipment is ruggedly design to the highest level of international standards, thus meeting the most demanding needs for fruit juice production and engineering installations.
2. This complete fruit juice processing line involves the utilization of PLC control, resulting in drastically reduced labor work and management load.
3. Fully automatic CIP cleaning function is available in our fruit ingredient concentrate making device, whereby ensuring all components in the entire line to meet food sanitary and safety requirements.

Components of Complete Fruit Juice Processing Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Fresh Fruit Processing Section
3. Preparation Section
4. Sterilization Section
5. Filling & Packaging Section
6. CIP Cleaning Section
7. Cooling Device
8. Compressor
9. Steam Boiler
10. Installation Material

Technical Parameters of Complete Fruit Juice Processing Line
Raw Material Various Fruit Juice, Juice Concentrate, Juice Powder
Product Fruit Juice, Fruit Drinks, etc.
Production Capacity 2 tons/d to 500 tons/d
Package Brick-Shape Aseptic Carton (like Tetra Pack), Gable Top Carton, Plastic Bag, Plastic Cup, Plastic Bottle, Glass Bottle, Can, etc.
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