Complete Juice Concentrate Processing Line

As a kind of commonly used food and beverage production equipment, our complete juice concentrate processing line comprises full functions including washing, crushing, squeezing, enzymolysis, evaporator, sterilizer and aseptic filling ,etc. As a professional food processing equipment supplier, we are nimble in providing various kinds of fruit processing machinery featuring simple structure, easy operation and high efficiency, upon which our significant reputation has been built.

Advantages of Complete Juice Concentrate Processing Line
1. Our juice concentrate production equipment comes with outstanding production capacity which varies from 50 tons/day to 1000 tons/day.
2. This versatile beverage processing line is highly recommended for processing all kinds of fruits.
3. Automatic control system is introduced to adjustment of disinfection liquid concentration, thus effectively enhancing sterilization effect and minimizing residual disinfection.
4. The juice concentrate production line is available with a high efficiency crusher to further ensure output volume of apple and pears.
5. Thanks to amazingly effective belt type juice extractor, juice efficiency and output percentage are unsurpassed.
6. Fully automatic PLC control system is applied to the entire juice concentrate production line, resulting in minimized work load and maximized production efficiency.
7. This fruit processing line is equipped with low-temperature vacuum evaporation, so as to keep pristine flavors and nutrients to the greatest degree.
8. Benefiting from a wide array of energy recovery measures, our juice concentrate processing line is renowned for superior energy effectiveness and cost containment.
9. Tubular UHT sterilizer and aseptic filling machine are employed to prevent products from being polluted by bacteria, thus ensuring food safety and shelf life.
10. Full set of CIP system is responsible for reduced work load and high levels of sanitary.

Components of Complete Juice Concentrate Processing Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Fresh Fruit Processing Section
3. Preparation Section
4. Three-Effect Evaporation Section
5. Sterilization Section
6. Filling & Packaging Section
7. CIP Cleaning Section
8. Compressor
9. Steam Boiler
10. Water Cooling Device
11. Installation Materials

Technical Parameters of Complete Juice Concentrate Processing Line
Raw Material Various Fresh Fruits
Product Juice Concentrate, Juice Drinks, etc.
Production Capacity 50 tons/day to 1000 tons/day
Output Percentage 50-75%
Fruit Consistence 10-20Brix
Product Consistence 60-72Brix
Package Aseptic Bag, Brick-Shape Carton, Gable Top Carton, PET Bottle, etc.
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