Complete Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Production Line Layout

This complete carbonated beverage production line has been widely applied to production of all kinds of carbonated beverages including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta and soda water, etc. Jimei is the specialized supplier of food machinery and provides full range of carbonated beverage production equipment to meet most demanding needs.

Based on customers' requirements on production types and volume, our beverage production system can be configured into semi-automatic or fully automatic carbonated soft drink (CSD) machine. Moreover, our beverage filling machine shows excellent flexibility on footprint so as to minimize customers' investment.

Components of Complete Carbonated Beverage Production Line
1. Water Treatment Section
2. Syrup Treatment Section
3. CO­2 Treatment Section
4. Carbonated Drinks Mixing Section
5. Filling & Packaging Section
6. Compressor
7. Cooling Device
8. Steam Boiler
9. Installation Materials

Technical Parameters of Complete Carbonated Beverage Production Line
Raw Material Pure Water, CO2, Sugar, etc.
Product Various Carbonated Drinks, Soft Drinks, Soda Water, etc.
Production Capacity 5 tons/day to 1000 tons/day
Package Plastic Bottle, Glass Bottle, Can, etc.
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