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Processing Solution for Dairy Products

Definition of Dairy Products
Dairy products refer to food produced from the milk of cow or sheep.

1. Liquid Milk

Pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, yoghurt, formula milk

2. Powdered Milk
Whole milk, skimmed milk, whole milk with sugar, flavored milk, infant formula, other formula milks

3. Condensed Milk
Condensed whole milk, condensed whole milk with sugar, flavored condensed milk, formula condensed milk

4. Butter
Single cream, cream, anhydrous milkfat

5. Cheese
Original cheese, processed cheese

6. Others
Casein, lactose, whey powder

Processing Solution
Jimei mainly offers following styles of dairy processing equipment. Complete dairy processing lines are available as well.

1. Pre-Treatment System
Multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, micro filter

2. Membrane Separation System
Ultrafilter, nanofiltration system, RO system

3. Electrodialysis Equipment

4. Sterilization System
Ultraviolet equipment, ozone equipment

Jimei dairy product processing solution is practically offered. As for stand-alone equipment, our solution is emphasized on versatility to facilitate efficiency and capability. As for complete dairy production line, our solution is designed to show more excellence in terms of flexibility to cater to most demanding needs.