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Processing Solution for Drinking Water

Definition of Drinking Water
According to Drinking Water Quality Standards from WHO, drinking water is defined as water for ingestion, basic personal and domestic hygiene and cooking. The drinking water normally is sealed in plastic or glass container, such as natural spring water, mineral water, pure water and other drinkable water, etc.

Processing Solution
Jimei is amazingly renowned for versatile water processing lines applicable for all kinds of water including pure water, mineral water, beverage and process water, etc. We welcome worldwide customers to choose our drinking water production lines and solutions.

1. Pre-Treatment System
Multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, micro filter

2. Membrane Separation System
Ultrafilter, nanofiltration system, RO system

3. Electrodialysis Equipment

4. Sterilization System
Ultraviolet equipment, ozone equipment

Jimei drinking water processing solution is aimed to provide natural flavor with highest levels of sanitation in a holistic approach. As for stand-alone equipment, our solution is emphasized on versatility to facilitate efficiency and capability. As for complete drinking water processing line, our solution is designed to show more excellence in terms of flexibility to cater to most demanding needs.