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Wahaha is the largest beverage manufacturer in China and one of the leading enterprises in the world beverage industry. Based on over 30,000 employees and 32 billion YUAN of fixed assets, Wahaha has 170 subsidiaries, and enjoys over 70 manufacturing facilities located in 29 provinces and regions across China.

Bright Dairy

Bright Dairy is one of the largest enterprises in production and sales of dairy products in China. It is mainly focusing on development, production and sales of milk, milk products, nutrition and health products, as well as logistic distribution, breeding and raising of milk cows and bulls.


Currently, Mengniu has over 20 manufacturing facilities in 15 different provinces and regions across China. Its product range includes three series which are liquid milk, ice cream and milk products, covering more than 300 different kinds. According to China Industrial Information Issuing Center, Mengniu liquid milk was the 2012 Best Sell product among similar dairies in China.

Huiyuan Juice

Huiyuan Juice came into being in 1991. This company is fitted with national authorized juice drinks manufacture base, 6 production lines with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.


Coca-Cola is the largest juice dealer in the world, and sells 160 kinds of drinks including soft drinks, sports drinks, dairies, juice, tea and coffee, etc. These beverages are enjoyed by customers from 200 countries all over the world. It shares 40% of world market.

Robust Group

Robust Group is the recognized food and beverage enterprise in China and one of the Top 10 Chinese Beverage Enterprises. The trademark Robust is one of the few China Well-Known Trademarks in Chinese food and beverage industry approved by China Trademark Office. In 2000, Robust became the subsidiary of Danone.